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Asset Management & Real Estate Full Service Provider Companies

We specialize in delivering top-tier professional services to Asset Management Companies in Italy for the management of sales of real estate products owned by Real Estate Funds, as well as sourcing properties of significant interest to these funds.

Our primary focus lies in catering to the diverse needs of private and corporate investors, with specialized attention devoted to managing the sales of real estate products facilitated by Asset Management Companies.

Additionally, we leverage international channels to oversee the sales management of high-value real estate assets. This is achieved through strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions and investment funds, primarily in key global hubs such as London, Zurich, Malaga, and Dubai.

Banks and Leasing Companies

We offer exclusive services to banks and leasing companies for effectively managing the sales of NPL/UTP assets and real estate holdings under their ownership.


We specialize in scouting industrial, office, and retail spaces throughout Lombardy tailored to companies seeking fresh business opportunities. Utilizing thorough market analysis and precise valuation techniques, we ensure to pinpoint the optimal premises for your business needs.

We help to grow your business.

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Landlord Private & Corporate

Fox Agency specializes in offering tailored services to both private and corporate landlords. Our expertise lies in managing real estate assets of significant historical or strategic importance, which often pose challenges for the market due to their size, significance, or age.

Through established partnerships with leading Asset Management Companies in Italy, we ensure our clients receive professional and efficient assistance in directing their real estate offerings towards Investment Funds.


Fox Agency offers personalized consulting services to private investors with capital of up to 5 million. Our comprehensive services include analytics, profitability estimation for investments in real estate assets, and meticulous selection of optimal properties owned by Real Estate Funds.

We empower our clients to achieve profitability and financial gains through strategic investment decisions.

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Property Auctions

Fox Agency provides tailored consulting services for purchasing properties at auction, including managing offer preparation and presentation through the Ministry’s telematic system.

Our service fees are fixed, with no commission charged on purchases, only the cost of consultation.

Property Management

Fox Agency provides expert property management services maximizing the profitability of your residential real estate assets.

Properties Abroad

Fox Agency specializes in offering properties for sale in prime locations such as London, Malaga, and Dubai, catering to both private investors and investing companies. Our tailored consultation services cater to clients seeking a second home abroad, facilitated by our network of on-site agents fluent in Italian.

Our mission is to assist clients in making informed and secure purchases that serve as ideal investments and residential solutions alike.

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Interested in buying a house in London?

We introduce an innovative and exclusive service in Italy: facilitating the sale of properties in newly developed London projects to Italian clientele. Through our exclusive partnerships, we collaborate with leading real estate developers and financial institutions in London, complemented by consultations from English solicitors and Italian-speaking tax advisors.

Our goal is to empower clients to make secure and well-informed purchases, ideal for investment and residential purposes alike.

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Our international partners

Fox Agency – Agility in Real Estate Investments è un marchio registrato. Agenzia di intermediazione immobiliare specializzata negli immobili di fascia alta residenziali con attenzione al segmento degli investitori in operazioni immobiliari nazionali e non, e specializzata nella gestione delle vendite di patrimoni di fondi immobiliari nazionali e nella canalizzazione delle vendite di immobili sul territorio nazionale a società estere. Fox Agency – Agility in Real Estate Investments si occupa della vendita del patrimonio immobiliare canalizzato da SGR e Real Estate Full Service Provider Companies ed è specializzata nelle gestione delle vendite degli asset di Fondi Immobiliari Chiusi, alienazione di patrimoni immobiliari di istituti di credito, prodotto NPL/UTP e della vendita di immobili di proprietà di enti istituzionali più in genere.

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