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About us

About us

Fox Agency – Agility in Real Estate Investments is a real estate agency that specializes in facilitating the sales of both residential and commercial properties sourced primarily from Real Estate Investment Funds managed by leading Asset Management Companies in Italy. Our focus extends to NPL/UTP management, as well as property brokerage in key markets such as London, Malaga, and Dubai. We cater to major banks, leasing companies and Real Estate Full Service Provider Companies in Italy. Fox Agency offers comprehensive real estate investment services for private and corporate investors.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in the heart of Bergamo at via Guglielmo d’Alzano n.10/D, Fox Agency – Agility in Real Estate Investments leveraged invaluable experience from the Pirelli RE Agency Group and has been operating in the Bergamo territory for over 16 years.

InVEsTi R.E. srl. has expanded its scope to international markets, targeting private investors and investment companies through strategic partnerships with leading financial corporations and investment funds. Our expertise is internationally recognized, particularly for our success in selling properties held by Real Estate Investment Funds and facilitating property transactions abroad.

Our team

Our team’s strength lies in our agility to swiftly adapt to change, continually refine our strategies, and meticulously evaluate risks and benefits for each real estate endeavor. Our profound understanding of real estate funds, of the financial sector and international real estate markets distinguishes us.

Comprising proficient professionals, our international team is fluent in English, Italian, Russian. We prioritize customer needs above all else and possess the expertise to guide clients through every phase of the sales process.

Real Estate Funds

Our portfolio primarily comprises properties sourced from Real Estate Investment Funds and managed by leading asset management firms. These assets encompass a wide range, from historically significant properties situated in prime locations within Italy’s most picturesque cities, to core buildings and trophy assets of strategic importance.

With our diverse range of offerings tailored to various usage destinations and characteristics, we excel in fulfilling the evolving needs of our discerning clientele, who value attention to detail.


via Guglielmo d’Alzano n.10/d (24122) Bergamo Tel 035233419035210567

Our international partners

Fox Agency – Agility in Real Estate Investments è un marchio registrato. Agenzia di intermediazione immobiliare specializzata negli immobili di fascia alta residenziali con attenzione al segmento degli investitori in operazioni immobiliari nazionali e non, e specializzata nella gestione delle vendite di patrimoni di fondi immobiliari nazionali e nella canalizzazione delle vendite di immobili sul territorio nazionale a società estere. Fox Agency – Agility in Real Estate Investments si occupa della vendita del patrimonio immobiliare canalizzato da SGR e Real Estate Full Service Provider Companies ed è specializzata nelle gestione delle vendite degli asset di Fondi Immobiliari Chiusi, alienazione di patrimoni immobiliari di istituti di credito, prodotto NPL/UTP e della vendita di immobili di proprietà di enti istituzionali più in genere.

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